1. Purchase microchips microchips are mounted on a certificate that is perforated into three sections. Apply the left side certificate on the doctor prescription retained by lab and send the two right side certificates to the dentist/denturist.

2. Insert microchip in denture ( click for DFU )

See Lab Technique Video

Making a digital denture?
Download 3Shape file here

3. Enter basic data

Lab enters microchip ID number and password into website, then enters information about the denture such as patient name, teeth used, denture base, dentist/denturist, etc. As а quality control step, we recommend using an Android smartphone in NFC-mode and the арр from Google Play to verify that the information entered into the website appears correctly on the smartphone. The back of the smartphone must be in direct contact with the microchip in order to get а successful read. If the smartphone is in а heavy case, the case may need to be removed.

Are you compliant with denture identification laws in the USA?