is a simple denture identification system that consists of a microchip that can be read by most smart phones running the Android operating system in NFC mode after downloading the app from Google Play.


DentureID microchips are embedded in dentures by dental professionals who encode a website with basic information about the denture. This information could be important to identify the owner if the denture is lost and to obtain other information about the denture in case it requires tooth replacement or repair. In addition, Denture Wearers can add information on the website as they choose. The embedded microchip can be read by most Android-enabled smart phones by downloading the app.
Denture Wearers receive a denture with an embedded DentureID microchip
and certificate (shown below) from their dental professional.

If desired, Denture Wearers can enter microchip ID number and password into this website where additional information can be input such as emergency phone numbers, photo, etc. This information will appear on the smartphone when using the app.